Saturday, September 12, 2009

Commodores are hanging tough in the so-called Valley of Death

After a couple of series for each team, here are some early impressions:

• Larry looks calm and cool handling a complicated looking offense amid deafening noise.
• The tight ends, as expected, are a big part of the offense. In the first two drives, Larry has thrown to Austin Monahan once for a completion and three times to Brandon Barden, who dropped one, caught one out of bounds and caught one short of a first down.
• Zac Stacy has been hitting the holes hard and quickly, and the line looks pretty good so far.

• Swarming to the ball and hitting hard. Hayward and Richardson, the true sophomore DBs, are all over the place.
• Looks like LSU may try to run down our throat.
• Myron Lewis just jacked up Russell Shepard, the No. 1 freshman in the nation, after he picked up a first down.
• Huge fumble recovery to end a drive, just when LSU seemed to be rolling. Chris Marve caused it.

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