Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Larry's targets against Western Carolina... and who they might be in Baton Rouge

Sir Loblaw wants to know who caught the passes last Saturday night for the Commodores. Here's the breakdown:


• Wide receivers (Green, Umoh, Herndon, Washington, Ashley): 6-112, 1 TD

• Tight ends (Barden, Monahan): 6-69

• Running back (Doster): 1-6

So what can we expect against LSU?

• Wide receivers: Look for Green, who's Larry's roommate, to be a more frequent target. Also, look for Brady Brown and John Cole to catch their first passes.

• Tight ends: Should be a big part of the game plan.

• Running back: Look for Norman, who's known for his receiving skills, and Stacy to get some opportunities to catch some balls out of the backfield. Reeves and Doster may get in the mix, too.

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