Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who'll fill the offensive skill positions today for Vandy?

It'll be interesting to see who starts for the Commodores today at offensive positions other than quarterback and offensive line.

The offensive line seems to be set. Coach James Franklin has said he plans to stick with the five guys who started against UConn — Johnson at center, Seymour and Fischer at tackle, and Brown and White at guard — and hopes they develop into a cohesive unit as the season progresses. Six guys have started there this season, but only because Jabo Burrow's career was shortened by concussion issues and he was replaced by White.

Larry Smith is, of course, our quarterback, Zac Stacy our running back, and Brandon Barden our tight end, if he's bounced back from injury.

Those positions — as well as every defensive position — have featured the same lineup every game.

But our receiving corps is another story, where seven different people have started in those remaining three positions. They are receivers Jordan Matthews, Jonathan Krause, Chris Boyd, Udom Umoh and John Cole, fullback (which we employ more as an H-back) Fitz Lassing and second tight end Austin Monahan.

We could have one of the following starting lineups today:
• Three of the wide receivers, likely Boyd and Matthews and maybe Krause.
• Two receivers and fullback Lassing.
• Two receivers and second tight end of Lassing, Monahan or Mason Johnston.
• Two receivers and a second running back, Jerron Seymour or Warren Norman if he's ready to go, which is still uncertain.

Should be a good game. Go Dores!

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