Saturday, September 24, 2011

South Carolina D finds its ideal opponent in Vandy

Here's cause for concern:


• East Carolina: 345 total yards, 85 rushing yards
• Georgia: 436 total yards, 188 rushing yards
• Navy: 335 total yards, 274 rushing yards
• Vanderbilt: 77 total yards, 4 rushing yards

Our next game is against Alabama.

Hey, our defense can compete in the SEC. Our offense, especially our line, cannot.

We need to get out of Tuscaloosa without losing any more players to injury, and then we need to compete in the games we're supposed to compete in.

Folks, SC has far more talent than UConn or Ole Miss. Remember how our problem has been that we choke in the games in which we're supposed to have a chance? We haven't done that yet this season. We didn't match up well with SC. We couldn't move the ball. It happens sometimes.

I expect James Franklin to respond with the same energy, fire and enthusiasm he's had over the past few months, and for the players to continue to believe. If not, then we've got a big problem.

Step back for a moment and look at our record. We're 3-1 and just lost to the defending SEC East champs. Sure, it would have been nice to have converted at least once on third down before the end of the game. But I expect the staff to make adjustments and I look forward to seeing what we do.


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me where the f Warren Norman is? Seriously plese?

Anonymous said...

We did convert on a third down before the end of the game.

dimon said...

We converted at the end of the game not before the end of the game. But not very clear

Anonymous said...

Agree ! CJF will move on and mentally prepare this team to focus on getting better on offense. After thinking about it more, the staff certainly has a better idea how far we need to go in recruiting O-linemen to get to SEC level play. I am satisfied with our skill players (rb's, wr's) compared to previous seasons after 4 games. But the O-line issues will be addressed. Coach Herb Hand is a very well respected coach around college football circles. He fully understands that this is a fragile group and I am confident that he will mold this group. I am very happy being 3-1. Can we find 3 more winnable games this season ? If the answer is yes, then CJF will have done a tremendous job in his 1st year. Remember some of you on this blog were upset at the CJF hire back in December......but can we really be upset at 3-1 with the team headed in the right direction. Go Dores !!!

even more anonymous said...

Did anyone - anywhere - see SC, Alabama and Florida as winnable games this year? I believe CJF when he says he's going to recruit like crazy and that very soon we'll have the advantage in these matchups. Against Alabama's defense, I hope we don't call any plays that expose Larry to vicious hits. The guy seems to be made of pure courage, but we're gonna need him down the road.

Scott Reed said...

I am still excited and all in. If you would have told me VU would be 3-1 heading into the bye before the season started, I would have been happy. No need to panic yet.

Anonymous said...

Admit it, we ALL knew that 'same old Vandy' game as in there somewhere ready to show it's ugly head. You always need to have a game to humble you and get you back down to earth. Now, that being said, it'll only be 'the same old vandy' game if CJF and the staff don't do anything about it like the previous coaching staffs. Warren Norman, Josh Grady and/or Lafonte Thurogood need to be on the field. Plus for all his previous accolades, Coach Hand needs to show me something.