Monday, September 5, 2011

Josh Grady's Twitter post draws the wrath of Franklin

Coach James Franklin was not pleased with the Tweet that freshman quarterback Josh Grady sent out last week saying he was going to redshirt.

"Thirty seconds after that Tweet, Josh was in my office," he said during today's press conference. "We don't put information out like that. I know he has a big following on his Twitter page, but there's no way he can say that. I don't understand why he'd do that. That was an opportunity for growth and learning for him and for the entire team."

Franklin said Grady could still be called upon to play, especially in the event of injury, and needed to be ready to go.

Grady's by all accounts a smart kid and a good kid, and also a leader who never shies away from the spotlight. But come on dude, let's wait till you actually play to start making headlines.

Speaking of talking with players about redshirting, Franklin said he had a similar conversation with freshman tight end Dillon van der Wal about whether he could contribute to the team now or should sit out a year.

A lot of people on chat boards think van der Wal played on Saturday. He did not. Some people, starting with the folks who keep our own stats, need to learn our roster.

I tell you, I think van der Wal redshirts and I think he's going to be an offensive lineman before he leaves Nashville.


Jayden said...

No way van der Wal moves to OL. He's undersized for his current position. And depending on Monohan's injury, Dillon could end up playing Saturday, and actually getting a few looks on passing routes. He's supposed to have pretty good hands and a knack for finding the open area.


No way he moves to OL this year. Yes, he could play tight end this year, kind of like Thomas Welch played tight end his freshman year. But maybe not.

Jayden said...

van der Wal has a lot of physical maturing left, but he already shows promise as a route-runner and catcher. How they use him this week in a game situation will probably show more of their long term intentions with him, ie. if they let him run routes and throw any his way. I've also heard that Darrien Bryant has been getting some unofficial practice as a TE lately, but i dont know if thats a permanent thing.

Not sure what was up with Vince Taylor last week, but i think he'll be good to go against UConn


Thanks, Jayden. Good stuff. Yes, van der Wal is a massive target. Bryant was also a highly rated tight end. Both of those guys could play in several different positions on both sides of the ball. I like how Franklin is just getting athletes and then figuring out later where they'll play. Yeah, I've been looking forward to seeing Vince play since he signed in 2009 and I saw the video of him running the wildcat in high school. That was a sight to behold.

Anonymous said...

van der Wal will not play OL, if he plays anything but TE it would be DE, he had 22 sacks, a pic six, double digit forced fumbles 6 recoveries, untold hurries... the 22 sacks was # 2 in the nation, while playing in one of the toughest leagues in the country. His high school defense Coach was Clay Matthews Jr. of Cleveland NFL (two sons in the league)... Has incredibly soft hands, runs great routes, 32" vert with 38 inch sleeves, nightmare to cover on a fade. OBTW, doesn't have a titter account, I checked.


I said speaking about redshirting, not speaking about twittering about redshirting. Franklin said he had a similar conversation with van der wal about the possibility he'd redshirt and about his future. I did not say or mean to say that van der wal was twittering.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you guys have true freshmen calling Dooley a clown. TENNESSEE will beat the wheels off you this year. Since when do freshmen on doormat basement dwelling teams call out opposing coaches? Good luck with Kentucky this year...should be a dead heat for last place in the SEC east.