Sunday, September 18, 2011

Red-hot Commodores soar to No. 37 in nation

Vandy received votes today for both the AP and USA Today polls, which means we’re in position to crack the Top 25 if we somehow beat South Carolina.

We’re the eighth highest ranked SEC team in the AP poll, if you place any stock on how many votes each team received, and we’re the seventh highest ranked SEC team in the USA Today poll, ahead of Miss State.

In both polls, we’re ahead of Ole Miss, who we just shellacked, and three upcoming opponents, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky.

LSU (3-0, 1-0): No. 2 AP/No. 3 USA Today; ESPN bowl projection: Sugar or BCS
Alabama (3-0, 0-0): 3/2; BCS or Sugar
South Carolina (3-0, 1-0): 12/10; Cotton, Outback or Capital One
Arkansas (3-0, 2-0): 14/12; Outback or Cotton
Florida (3-0, 1-0): 15/15; Capital One or Outback
Auburn (2-1, 1-0): 27/36; Gator, Chick-Fil-A or Compass
Miss State (1-2, 0-2): 34/40; Liberty or Music City
Vanderbilt (3-0, 1-0): 37/39; Compass or Liberty
Georgia (1-2, 0-1): 39/unranked; Chick-Fil-A or Gator
Tennessee (2-1, 0-1): 43/41; Music City, Liberty or Gator
Ole Miss (1-2, 0-1): Unranked; No bowl
Kentucky (2-1, 0-0): Unranked; No bowl

We think these are our toughest games remaining on the schedule:

1. At Alabama (3-0) on Oct. 8
2. At South Carolina (3-0) on Sept. 24
3. At Florida (3-0) on Nov. 5
4. Arkansas (3-0) on Oct. 29
5. Georgia (1-2) on Oct. 15
6. At Tennessee (2-1) on Nov. 19
7. At Wake Forest (2-1) on Nov. 26
8. Kentucky (2-1) on Nov. 12
9. Army (1-2) on Oct. 22


Anonymous said...

Watching the USC/Navy game last night, I really think we have more of a chance than people are giving us credit for. We need to play to our strengths (ie-secondary) and crowd the line (put 8-9 guys in the box) to at least try and limit (no way we can stop) Marcus Lattimore. Stephen Garcia is a mistake prone QB and Trey Wilson and Casey Heyward must be licking their chops to get a chance at some of the balls he just throws up for grabs. Really pumped about next weekend.

Greg M said...

4 of our next 6 opponents are ranked in the top 15, and trowing in GA makes 5 losable games. Hope the excitement doesn't fade after that. We still have a good shot at a bowl with this D. I must admit I was prepared to possible go 1-11. Love th way this is going so far.

Another Loud-Mouth Vanderbilt Alum said...

Whoah, Baby!!!!! In the words of JF

"One game at a time"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Games 5-9 per your list are very winnable games this season. Yes....that includes UGA; UGA is very over-rated this year and have problems at O-line and on defense. Our offense can / will get better over the next few weeks. We will be in a position to get to 6 wins out of our remaining games, which will put CJF in "Coach of the Year" conversation given such low expectations upon his arrival. I like the adjustment made this weekend of running shorter WR routes by the wr's because the pass-blocking was a little sloppy early in the game. LS is doing a great job considering the pass-rush pressure he's been under and hits he is taking. The offense will get better; the defense will keep us in most games all season. Next week will be a true road test for our younger players. I think that Garcia at QB will keep Vandy in the game next week with his unsteady play. If we limit Latimore to under 125 yards, we will have a shot at an upset. We have played SC well the last few years but lacked depth late in games. Let's see what happens this time....

Greg M said...

Defense ranked #10 in the NCAA!!

Oh yeah, Offense moving up to double digits, Mow #99 up from #105

Vandygal78 said...

I had predicted that we would beat either UGA or UF this year, but after seeing SC and UF play this past week, I will change that. I think we could beat SC and UGA. Or at least one of them.


I hope you're right, Vandy Gal. Beating either of those teams would be huge.