Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vanderbilt winning 14-3 at halftime

The play of the game so far was when Coach Franklin sprinted down the field to grab Jerron Seymour, who was celebrating his 40-yard touchdown run, escort him off the field and then give him an earful.

That gave us a 14-3 lead that stands at halftime. After giving up a bunch of long runs and a field goal to UConn on the opening drive, we started swarming on defense. Good to see Vince Taylor flying around out there in his first game, and good to see Javon Marshall grab a big drive-killing pick at the end of the half. Other highlights:

• Chris Boyd grabbed a 42-yard touchdown pass on the first drive, his third in two games.
• Seymour looked great with 65 yards on four carries.
• We outgained UConn 162-137 yards.
• Chris Marve is a stud, of course.
• Tristan Strong also excelled in the first half.
• We played a bunch of defensive linemen, who all played well and look interchangeable.
• We're winning the turnover battle, two to one.

Some things to be concerned about:
• Our offense had the ball for only 11:55 of the first half, so our defense, as usual, was on the field for a long time.
• Larry Smith is running for his life out there.
• Richard Kent has had a couple of band punts.

But hey, we're winning 14-3.


even more anonymous said...


When the Commies hit the wall tonight, they knocked that sucka down.


I hear ya.