Saturday, September 24, 2011

James Franklin's right: Vandy has a long way to go

We've got a long way to go. James Franklin's been saying this after every victory. Vandy fans don't want to believe it, but now that we're playing a team with premiere talent, we realize that having a good coach and a can-do attitude and even playing as a team isn't good enough when:

1. Your offensive line is still developing.

2. The other team's defensive line is quicker and faster than your running backs.

3. The other team has the best running back in college football.

4. The other team has the best wide receiver in college football.

5. And the other team, which has the above talent, isn't beating themselves, and is getting some favorable calls from the officials too.

There are no short cuts. All week, my friends from Auburn and Alabama and Georgia have been congratulating me for Vandy's great start. But if any other team in college football goes 3-0 by beating Elon and two unranked teams, people don't congratulate their fans. They say, "When are you going to play somebody?"

Right now, we're playing somebody.

Let's keep it in perspective and keep pulling for these Dores.


Greg M said...

Our O is now going to be ranked the 1 or 2 worst in America. How can you talk around that? Yes, our D can keep it close but if the O can't get 50 yds vs the 60th best D in NCAA. WTF> Is Ted Cain back?We are in for the 1-5 stretch I envisioned. Assumming we can somehow move the ball on Army, Pls, don't belabor how "great" SC D is. they were ranked ~60+ before this game. they aren't LSU or Alabama.

Greg M said...

Again. SC was # 72 in total D and # 65 in offense before this game. They aren't that good. We made them look like teh best D in teh land. Awful. Granted, it could have beem 14-10 if we score on the BS 50/50 int call drive and don't give up the lomg fumble for TD. But if u told me we would have 4 picks and lose i would not have believed our O could be this bad. What r we going to do?

And then depression/reality set in. Bowl game looks weak now. I thought we could goo 1-11 w this O before the season started bc of that and told all my friends that when they comminted on our preseasom recruiting. CJF can't change the players w have that have been at the bottom of teh national O stats forwaht seems like a decade.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the was ugly. While I did not expect an upset, I did expect our O-line to compete. SC defense was not THAT good; but out O-line was THAT bad. I know that the O-line is trying but in all my years of playing and watching football, I'm not sure if I ever saw an O-line performance that bad. Please do not complain about LS or the WR's. The qb had no time (even though LS holds the ball too long) and the WR's can't even get into their routes because of poor O-line play. We must get deeper into the play-book from the "wr-screen". CJF told us that we have a long way to go. I'm still encouraged but we were totally over-matched.