Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank you, Ole Miss

So we're struggling a bit early, but Ole Miss just keeps shooting themselves in the foot. Fitz Lassing drops a pass that would have picked up a first down, but Ole Miss has a penalty to give us the first down anyway.

On fourth and one, they just jumped offsides.

Meanwhile, Houston Nutt is sniping at the officials for not realizing that he has a bunch of undisciplined junior college kids.

Can we catch a pass?

And I realize Franklin likes to go for it on fourth down and all, but maybe we'd like Kent to kick Ole Miss into a hole. He just saved our bacon with a 60-something-yard punt. As evidenced by the BYU game, Ole Miss is the kind of team that'll hand you the game at the end if you hang with them. Franklin said he tried to strike fast and get a lead on UConn early last week because UConn wasn't that kind of team.

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