Saturday, September 17, 2011

Franklin compliments Ole Miss... sort of

Well, Joe Fisher asked James Franklin all the right questions today, including a softball about Ole Miss' gigantic offensive line that Franklin knocked out of the park.

Here was his response:

"They’ve got a big, good-looking team. I was impressed looking at their bodies and length and those kinds of things but what you can’t measure is heart and our kids have got heart. They’ve got the right attitude, they’re well coached, they’re disciplined — that’s what really matters, all those things. The 40 times, the heights, the weights are good for combines but in the end you’ve got to get on the field, one man against another man, who wants it more. Our players are hungry right now, so are our coaches.

And you know what Houston Nutt was probably thinking? Those Vanderbilt players are even faster and tougher than they were last year.


even more anonymous said...

I see those comments as a little signal to South Carolina. Translation: "We're coming."

Anonymous said...

As Coach McGinty said: "You gotta have heart. Miles and miles of heart."