Saturday, September 17, 2011

For Vandy, talk of making Top 25 is premature

Wondering if Vandy will crack the Top 25 this week? It’s not gonna happen.

Don’t forget that the Commodores didn’t crack the Top 25 in 2008 until they went 4-0. They played Auburn the following week, won, and jumped up to No. 13. Incidentally, that's when the bottom fell out.

There are 33 teams in college football that are currently undefeated. Five teams in the Top 25 lost today. Florida State will definitely stay ranked, but Michigan State, Ohio State, Auburn and Miss State may all drop out when the votes are tallied Sunday evening.

So who will take their places?

Here’s a look at the remaining undefeated teams:

• Already in the Top 25: Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Boise State, Stanford, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Florida, West Virginia, Baylor, South Florida and Texas

• Receiving votes: Michigan, Houston, Georgia Tech, USC, Clemson, North Carolina, Iowa State, San Diego State, California

• Not receiving votes: Kansas State, Texas Tech, Illinois, Ohio, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Florida International

As you can see, voters will likely not reward us for beating Elon and two teams with losing records. If we really want to crack the Top 25, we could just beat South Carolina.

That should do it.


CuzinRobert said...

Beat S.C.! The Dawgs would be grateful!


OK, we'll do our best. Maybe Lattimore will fall down some stairs before the game.

even more anonymous said...

I really thought Navy looked better than South Carolina, despite the outcome.

Anonymous said...

we're now "others receiving votes"!