Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vanderbilt beats Ole Miss for biggest SEC win in 40 years

So when's the last time Vanderbilt beat an SEC team by 23 or more points?

It was 1971, when Vanderbilt beat Mississippi State 49-19.

That's right, James Franklin just led Vandy to its most decisive SEC victory in 40 years.

2011 Vanderbilt indeed.

In fact, before today's 30-7 victory over Ole Miss, Vandy has beaten an SEC opponent by 14 points or more only 10 times in the past 40 years. Here are those 10 times, in reverse chronological order:

2010 - Vanderbilt 28, Ole Miss 14
2007 - Vanderbilt 31, Ole Miss 17
2004 - Vanderbilt 31, Miss State 13
1994 - Vanderbilt 24, Kentucky 6
1992 - Vanderbilt 31, Ole Miss 9
1988 - Vanderbilt 24, Florida 9
1984 - Vanderbilt 37, Ole Miss 20
1974 - Vanderbilt 24, Florida 10
1971 - Vanderbilt 49, Miss State 19



You guys pretty quiet out there. Anybody got anything to say about the Dores?

Anonymous said...

Very impressive win. If we get our issues resolved on the offensive line, this could be a special season. Defense is really impressive.

even more anonymous said...

TV analyst (I think it was Andre Ware) during the game:

Vandy is just layin' a good-old fashioned SEC whuppin' on Mississippi."

Slappy Walker said...

Had a good time watching that one.

The defense is looking real good so far. Hope they can maintain that against the upper-level teams to give them a chance to pull out a few more W's.

Anonymous said...

I was there and burnt. I agree with Andre. It wasn't, "They Just got lucky". It wasn't, "They pulled it out at the end". It wasn't, "The other team just didn't come to play". It wasn't, "The refs gave them that game".
That right there was Vanderbilt kickin' Mississippi's butt.

A.J. said...

I'm really pumped that Vandy has clearly and markedly improved every single game this season.

The numbers tell the story. It's not like last year where they had the numbers and we controlled the game thanks to exploiting opportunities/their mistakes.

We outgained them by a lot (in fact that yardage looks closer than it was, we were up like 349-114 before we went second string). We dominated every aspect of the game.

Impressive showing.

even more anonymous said...

Don't know that it necessarily means anything, but in 2 of 3 games, Rodgers' first play at qb has gone for a touchdown.

But Larry played great today.