Saturday, September 17, 2011

So what's Vandy's problem on offense?

Actually, after watching another play blow up in Larry's face, I think it has more to do with our blocking schemes than our lack of experience or talent on the line. I'm not much of an offensive line tactician, but Larry's been tackled twice for loss when right guard Mylon Brown pulled and nobody else picked up the guy lined up in front of him.

Just went for it on fourth and 10 and Larry has no time again and throws laterally to Tate, who maybe gets one yard.

We're really struggling on offense. Is that because:

A) Our line can't block.
B) Larry's not making the right reads or getting rid of the ball fast enough.
C) Our receivers aren't getting open so Larry has nobody to throw to.

Same old same old, huh? But I'm not saying same old Vandy. James Franklin would start running up and down the sidelines yelling, "This is the 2011 Vanderbilt! This is the 2011 Vanderbilt!"

I look forward to seeing what Franklin does here to get us rolling on offense.

Our running game seems to be working pretty well.

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