Saturday, September 17, 2011

James Franklin knows how to make adjustments on offense

Ah, what a difference a year makes. Remember how, year after year, Vandy just keeps grinding out the same tired old plays with the same old coaches who lacked innovation. The year we went to a bowl, we ran the same tired old plays and waited for our defense or special teams to save the day.

Know how we said a few minutes ago that we looked forward to seeing James Franklin make some adjustments on offense after Ole Miss players were pinning back their ears and coming after Larry?

Well, my middle school sons were just saying that Vandy needed to take advantage of Ole Miss' overpursuit of Larry. Their entire defensive line and a couple of linebackers are getting into our backfield on every play, so why not take advantage of that. A couple of plays later, with the majority of Ole Miss defenders bearing down on Larry, he executes a perfect Statue of Liberty play to Zac Seymour, who rips off a huge run and then a couple of plays later Larry bolts for a 20-yard TD run.

In past years, we'd be setting up a punt so that we could go into the locker room tied 0-0.

And it sure doesn't hurt that our defense is playing smarter and faster and hitting harder than Ole Miss.

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