Saturday, October 17, 2009

We're hanging in there early against the Dawgs: Casey Hayward is a stud

We stop Georgia on the opening drive. The key was stopping the run on first down, which forced two poor Joe Cox passes. Casey Hayward's been everywhere.

Now Jamie Graham's in the game on offense. He and Larry couldn't hook up on a little swing pass, but hey, Jamie's playing some offense.

Now we have a first down after Alex Washington draws an interference call on third down.

Now Jamie just lost 5 yards on a reverse. At least we don't have to hear people say that the reason we're not 6-0 is because Jamie hasn't played on offense.

Now we're punting. Udom just dropped a nice pass on third and long. Larry's getting time in the pocket. Now his receivers have to catch the ball.

Nice punt but we can't tackle and now Georgia has the ball deep in our territory.

But Casey Hayward makes a beautiful pick in the end zone after the play was reviewed. Hairy Dawg was signaling out of bounds, which is probably why they reviewed the play.

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