Thursday, October 8, 2009

Somewhere over North Carolina

Just enjoying my complimentary Delta beverage, Coke products of course. Will be brief because typing on iPod keypad.

Looks like Zac Stacy could join Hawkins and Norman on the roster Saturday. Hope to see Kennard play too. This game probably too close for comfort but would like to see an easy victory and the following:

- Jared Funk play a series at QB.

- Brady Brown catch a pass.

- While we're at, how bout Warren taking a kickoff to the house?

- Oh, and a shutout.

-Oh, and A.J. Ogilvy making the trip and lining up at cornerback against Army's 6-10 wide receiver named Ali?


Unknown said...

I am a frequent visitor to your spot and big fan! Thankfully for me, work has brought me to the City and I will be at the Army game. Let me know where the Vandy crowd will be gathering after the game. It would be nice to meet you.

Dimon said...

Not sure exactly where the Vandy crowd will be. There are some organized alumni tailgate parties. Guess it will be hard to distinguish between Army black and gold and Vandy black and gold. We're going to the cadet review on the plains at 9, which is supposed to be cool, and then up to the stadium to Black Knight Alley, which has entertainment and food and is supposed to be a place where lots of people hang out and, well, drink. I hear you should try to get into the stadium about an hour before kickoff because of tight security. Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope to meet you too.

Anonymous said...

what about seeing Goro show his athletic ability? c'mon - use him.

Anonymous said...

>>how bout Warren taking a kickoff to the house?<<

Sir, you nailed that one. I like his form but did not expect to see him break one.

When it happened, I instantly remembered tossing the ball with a friend in my backyard one crisp afternoon in, I think, 1978, with the transistor radio blaring the VU-Ole Miss game.

I can still hear Paul Eells calling the kickoff as Preston Brown took the ball at the goal line and went the distance. Pretty sure VU lost by a lot, but the moment stuck with me. I wonder whether Norman was the first since then to take one back.


Before Warren Norman, Jimmy Williams was the last Commodore to return a kickoff for a TD, 96 yards in a 55-17 loss at Kentucky in 1998. So it's been 11 years.

Saturday's kickoff return TD was only the eighth in Vandy history: Norman, Williams, Tony Jackson vs. Duke in 1992 (win), Mark Johnson at Tulane in 1987 (loss), Preston Brown at Ole Miss in 1977 (loss), Doug Nettles at UVA in 1971 (loss), Jack Hudson vs. UVA in 1955 (win) and Lee Nalley at Florida in 1949 (loss).

Yes, on that day you remember, Vandy did lose 26-14 to Ole Miss.