Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vanderbilt's real key to victory: Unleash the little white running back

Jared Hawkins is back, which is a great thing for the Commodores. No, we don't really believe he's better than Zac Stacy or Warren Norman and we haven't been exactly devastated to see him on the bench this season with the slowest healing broken foot in the history of medicine.

But as we start playing SEC teams, especially teams like Ole Miss and South Carolina who'd like to believe they've established themselves as SEC powers, JHawk is a hugely important psychological weapon.

Even after losing to us on their home fields, teams like the Rebels and Gamecocks truly believe they're physically superior to us. And nothing reinforces that like having a tailback who looks like Harry Potter.

The Rebel fans are still making fun of Jared. I bet the players are too. Remember last season when Auburn's Sen'Derrick Marks was talking about how good Hawkins was...for a white running back. It's hard to take us seriously when you're laughing at us.

Some Vandy fans get angry and start rattling off Jared's bench press and 40 times. Not me. I say keep on laughing, Rebel fans. And while you're at it, take a close look at Patrick Benoist. Doesn't look much like a football player either, does he? So spend some time laughing at him too.

Laugh, laugh, laugh.

Then, in the fourth quarter, you can throw a Captain Munnerlyn style hissy fit.

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