Saturday, October 17, 2009

The reason we can't compete with Georgia

Our offensive line is getting manhandled. I appreciate Reilly Lauer sticking it out as a 275-pound offensive tackle in the SEC. He'd be an average-sized lineman, say, back in 1957.

I've had to do jobs that didn't come naturally to me, and I stuck it out and learned a lot and maybe even got a pat on the back.

So I'm patting Reilly and his friends on the back. I notice Chris Aaron's playing. He's a transfer from Lehigh, where he played on the JV team as a true freshman.

We just don't have an SEC-caliber lineman outside of Thomas Welch, and he's hurt right now.

Here are four names for you:

1. James Stone
2. Parker Mack
3. Joe Burgess
4. Max Garcia

These guys are all 6-5 or taller and everybody but Garcia weighs more than 300 pounds. They're all high school seniors and they're all contemplating offers from Vanderbilt — and lots of other SEC teams. And they're ready to go. Maybe they're watching this game.

Hey guys, want to play right away?

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