Monday, October 19, 2009

It's time again for the weekly Moral Victory! highlight breakdown

Is it possible to have highlights when you lose 34-10?

You betcha!

Here's the breakdown of this week's Vanderbilt video "highlights" from the Georgia game:

43 seconds: Three key plays on the drive when the offensive actually scored a real touchdown
28 seconds: Impressive touchdowns by Georgia's A.J. Green and Caleb King — whoops, wrong team!
26 seconds: Quarterback sacks by Broderick Stewart and Greg Billinger
19 seconds: Commodores running through the giant gold helmet onto the field
19 seconds: Opening and closing credits
14 seconds: Brett Upson's fake punt and run for a first down
10 seconds: A hard hit by the Commodores after a Georgia pass completion
14 seconds: Ryan Fowler's field goal


1050 lb. said...

Sad that they'd include some Georgia highlights in their own highlights. The only thing Nashville-based Vanderbilt fans have to hang onto is that the Titans' 59-0 loss to New England set an even lower standard for poorly executed football.


Yes, the athletic department started including the other team's offensive highlights a couple of weeks ago. Guess they needed to get some offense from somewhere.

Scott Reed said...

Is it basketball season yet?

Bag over head said...

GO Mocs!!!