Friday, October 30, 2009

Upset week: Moral Victory! SEC picks

So we're 51-10 (83.6 percent) which I think is the exact same record as ESPN's Chris Low. Which shows that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make picks in the SEC. Hmmm, Florida's No. 1 and Miss State's unrated... let's go with the Gators. Hmmm, Bama's No. 2 and Tennessee's unrated... ah, let's go out on a limb and pick the Tide.

This week we're shaking things up. Yesterday, a friend gave me Georgia and 17 points and Vanderbilt and 12 points. I immediately took it because I think Georgia and Vandy both have a chance to win outright.


So I'm going to put it right here: I'm picking Georgia to beat Florida and Vandy to beat Georgia Tech.

For two reasons:
1. History, which I'll explain in a minute.
2. I have no reputation to uphold. This is a blog that maybe 80 people will read in a day (and if you're one of those, thank you), as opposed to Mr. Low's millions of readers.

Low, by the way, is picking Georgia to cover the 17 (losing by 5) but Vandy not to cover the 12 (losing by 13).

So here goes:

GEORGIA VS. NO. 1 FLORIDA: Georgia fans are talking about how terrible their team is. Their terrible team lost on the road with a flu-stricken quarterback against a Top 10 team, then it barely lost after out-celebrating another Top 10 team, LSU. And then there's a certain blowout loss in Knoxville. I remind you that two years ago everybody wrote off the Bulldogs after they were — you got it — blown out in Knoxville. Then they squeaked by Vandy in Nashville, took a bye week during which everybody called for Richt's head, and then they upset Florida. Oh yeah, and this year's Gators are struggling to put up points. I'm saying history repeats itself this week. Bulldogs 28-24.

NO. 11 GEORGIA TECH AT VANDERBILT: This time last year, everybody had penciled in Tech to easily win the ACC. Then the Jackets were bested by lowly Virginia. Everybody, even Vandy fans, have written off the Commodores. They're not dead in the water. Commodores 24-21. (Am I an optimist? What do you think? I just picked Vandy to score 24 points.)

TULANE AT NO. 9 LSU: Tigers play this one close to the vest, grind it out and then start preparing for a trip to Tuscaloosa. Tigers 31-10.

NO. 22 SOUTH CAROLINA AT TENNESSEE: The Gamecocks play everybody close, including Bama, Georgia, Kentucky and Vandy. This one shouldn't be any different. Gamecocks 17-13.

NO. 25 OLE MISS AT AUBURN: Chris Todd reminds me of another quarterback named Chris who recovered from a shoulder injury, won back his starting position in the preseason and returned to lead his team to a 5-0 start. And then the bottom fell out. If the Auburn defense was any better, I'd pick the Tigers in this one. But it's not and the Rebels have gotten over themselves. Rebels 27-17.

MISS STATE AT KENTUCKY: This is a huge game for both teams. If Kentucky wins, the Cats will be bowl eligible. If State wins, the Bulldogs will have at least two conference wins in a rebuilding year, which isn't shabby for them. It's a tossup. Call it... Bulldogs 16-14.

E. MICHIGAN AT ARKANSAS: Ryan Mallett will mysteriously regain his accuracy against Eastern Michigan. Razorbacks 34-13.


lsmsrbls said...

haha...I picked Georgia, too. (And Vandy and MSU, but I always pick them--which might tell you you're not in great company).

Seemed like the right time and right team for a big upset. Florida hasn't looked like the team we're used to for the past couple of weeks and Georgia and them sure hate each other.


I live in Georgia and it's unbelievable how down Bulldog fans are on their team. They act like UGA wins the national championship every year, though actually Herschel Walker won it by himself in 1980-81 and that's it.

Greg M said...

Hoping to find someone who will let me take Tech minus the points. I think they beat us by 20+.

I am giving our offense a vote of no confidence.

Sorry guys, I have lost my optimism and become a realist.

even more anonymous said...

Yes, but have you reckoned on what they'll be eating at the various tailgate parties around the SEC?

The Fla-Georgia game, for example:

Sweet and Sour Vienna Sausages

8 cans Vienna sausages, drained
2 cups grape jelly
2 cups ketchup

Put in crock pot for 5 hours.

Not sure why they bother to drain them.

1050 lb. said...

You are an optimist. And I hope you are a psychic.


The downside to being optimistic: When Vandy start getting hammered tonight I'll suddenly remember how bad we are and I'll be more depressed than ever. Meanwhile, you realists have moved on to other things. By the way, how was the lecture on Celtic spirituality during the UGA game?

Reader #1 said...

You're welcome!

1050 lb. said...

The lecture was fine (do a search for J. Philip Newell if interested). As was my 25-year reunion. As for the Tech game: I suppose that scoring 28 points in the first half gives a glimmer of hope for the remainder of the schedule.