Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mark Richt says Vanderbilt's a tough team the Bulldogs look forward to beating

Here's Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt's assessment of Vanderbilt, and he makes some good points:

1. BOBBY JOHNSON HAS IMPROVED VANDERBILT'S SPEED, DEPTH AND ATHLETICISM: "Coach Johnson has done a really fine job there. Since we've been playing them for so many years, we'll go back years on the video and it seems like every year you progress, they are getting faster and more athletic."

2. VANDERBILT'S DEFENSE IS STRONG, AND ITS OFFENSE IS TERRIBLE: "The one thing as you watch those games, you'll watch the defense play, and the next series you'll see the scoreboard and a lot of times there wasn't a lot of offensive production from Vanderbilt. It helped the teams that were struggling against them. It helped Ole Miss, it helped LSU as they were trying to get some points on the board that their defenses were playing extremely well that day."

3. NO MATTER HOW BAD A SEASON GEORGIA'S HAVING, BULLDOGS ALWAYS TAKE A VICTORY OVER VANDERBILT FOR GRANTED: "We are looking forward to getting over there and getting back on the winning track."

4. BUT THERE ARE SOME SIMILARITIES TO 2006, WHEN VANDY LAST BEAT THE DAWGS: "Stafford was a true freshman that year and I redshirted Moreno that year. We were scrambling, fighting, scratching, clawing back then and dealing with some of the things we are dealing with now in regards to trying to keep a positive focus on the future. We've been there before. We don't like being there, but that's where we are at..."

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