Friday, October 30, 2009

How Vanderbilt's depth chart has changed since preseason

Here's a look at Vanderbilt's depth chart at the start of preseason camp, and how it's changed since then. Note the emergence of six true freshmen (Warren Norman, Zac Stacy, Collin Ashley, Eddie Foster, Trey Wilson and Eric Samuels) as well as the effect of injuries on this season's roster.


• John Cole: Kept his starting role despite breaking hand
• Alex Washington: Fighting Jamie Graham, who's moved from the secondary, to keep starting job
• Udom Umoh: Still starting

• Turner Wimberly: Started one game after Cole broke hand; still listed as a backup
• Chris Reinert: No longer on depth chart; holder on field goals
• Tray Herndon: Replaced on depth chart by freshman Collin Ashley
• Akeem Dunham: No longer on depth chart


• Larry Smith or Mackenzi Adams: Smith beat out Mackenzi Adams and continues to start despite some fan support for Adams, who has only seen mop-up duty as top backup


• Jared Hawkins: Struggled to recover from broken foot; lost job to freshman Warren Norman and now listed as co-second team with freshman Zac Stacy, who is struggling with injuries of his own

• Kennard Reeves and Gaston Miller: Both unlisted on current depth chart; Reeves seeing spot duty in short yardage situations, while Miller has only played in one game and lost his job as a return specialist


• Brandon Barden or Austin Monahan: Both were co-starters until Monahan was lost for season with a torn ACL; now Barden's the starter

• With Monahan's injury, Justin Green has been moved back to tight end after a short stint at receiver


• Thomas Welch: Remains a mainstay at left tackle despite battling injury
• Ryan Custer or Kyle Fischer: Custer won the job, but his injury has opened the door for Fischer to start at left guard
• Bradley Vierling: Remains the starter despite struggling with injury
• Eric Hensley: Has kept his starting job
• James Williams or Reilly Lauer: Williams won the job and emerged as a force, only to be lost for the season in the LSU game; Lauer has started since then

• Ryan Seymour: Seymour is gaining playing time and could be the future at left tackle
• Joey Bailey: Continues to replace Vierling when necessary
• Chris Aaron: No longer listed on the depth chart as an option at right guard


• Steven Stone: Injured his foot in preseason and is just now starting to recover; replaced in the starting lineup by Tim Fugger
• Broderick Stewart: Has started every game and continues to challenge opposing teams with his speed

• Tim Fugger: Has started every game spelling the injured Steven Stone
• Teriall Brannon or Theron Kadri: Both have seen substantial playing time
• Johnell Thomas: Redshirt freshman has cracked the starting rotation, especially in short yardage and goal-line situations


• Greg Billinger: Senior continues to start most games and remains a fixture on the D-line
• Adam Smotherman: Has started every game at tackle

• T.J. Greenstone: A rock-solid third tackle in the three-man rotation
• Rob Lohr or Colt Nichter: Won by Lohr, who has played in every game; Nichter still fighting for precious playing time


• Patrick Benoist: Senior All-SEC performer has started every game at weakside backer
• Chris Marve: Redshirt sophomore continues to dazzle at middle backer
• John Stokes or Brent Trice: Won by senior Trice, but Stokes fills in when Trice needed at safety

• Nate Campbell: Listed as backup at both weakside and middle backers, but no longer on the team; replaced by redshirt senior Chris Johnson, a stalwart on special teams, and redshirt freshmen Tristan Strong (now injured) and Archibald Barnes


• Myron Lewis: Senior has started every game at cornerback and remains a solid All-SEC candidate
• Jamie Graham or Casey Hayward: Hayward has started every game at corner, while Graham began season at nickel back, suffered a concussion and was later moved back to wide receiver
• Sean Richardson: Sophomore has had a solid season despite battling injury
• Ryan Hamilton: Fifth-year senior lost for the season in the LSU game

• Rich Tompkins: Delegated to special teams, while true freshmen Eddie Foster and Trey Wilson have filled the bill at backup cornerback and nickel
• Al Owens or Micah Powell: No longer on depth chart; have been replaced by starting linebacker Brent Trice and true freshman Eric Samuels
• Joel Caldwell: Replaced Hamilton in the LSU game and has started ever since


Anonymous said...

Where's Goro?


Hang in there, my friend. He'll get plenty of reps in the spring and he'll be on the two-deep chart in nine months. And in 10 months people (other than you) will be calling for him to start, right after the LSU game.