Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vandy offense is rolling... oh, nevermind

So Jared picks up 12 and gets a first down. Then Warren picks up 9 and a Rebel takes a shot at Larry on the play and gets hit with a personal foul. Which means a whopping 36 yards on two plays for our offense, and 1st and 10 on the 16.

Nevermind. Our line jumps. Then Larry gets sacked twice. Fowler misses a very long field goal. Snead and Hodge back on the field. So is McCluster, who picks up 24 yards.

This is a blowout in the making, folks.

I'm not really bothered by it. Bothered by the Miss State loss, yes. But this Rebel team is freaking loaded, and I don't mean loaded like frat boys in the Grove.

Hopefully our offense can learn a thing or two in this game and keep our defense off the field for a few minutes and keep this from being a body bag game for our good players — you know, the ones on the defensive side of the ball.

Whoops. It's 17-0. That's one way to get the defense off the field.

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