Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Vandy freshman cracks the depth chart

When Archibald Barnes came to Vanderbilt two years ago, he was listed as an athlete, which means nobody knew where he was going to play.

Barnes was 6-foot-4, a shade under 200 pounds, and he could run. He played quarterback in high school, but so did Warren Norman, Casey Hayward and even offensive lineman Rob Ashabranner. So he redshirted and got shopped around at receiver and defensive back and linebacker.

Looks like he's a good fit at linebacker. Barnes, whose full name is "Archibald Cornelius Barnes and who's the son of an Air Force colonel, has been a fixture this season on special teams and has been getting more and more time at linebacker and even safety. Looks like a clone of Brent Trice. And how could a kid named Archibald Cornelius not play at Vanderbilt?

Anyway, with fellow redshirt frosh Tristan Strong out for the rest of the season with an ACL, Barnes is now listed as a second-team linebacker. That's a pretty big deal because Strong, DeAndre Jones and Dexter Daniels have always been grouped together as our top young linebackers, but now it's Barnes who's listed on the depth chart.

Here are the other freshmen who've seen some time on the depth chart this year:

• Zac Stacy: Started three games at tailback; currently listed as a co-starter with Warren Norman.
• Warren Norman: Got first start at tailback Saturday at Army; now listed as co-starter with Stacy.
• Collin Ashley: Second-team receiver for most of this season.
• John Cole (redshirt): Started five games at receiver, missing one to injury.
• Brady Brown: Cracked the depth chart at receiver last week after the Ole Miss game.
• Ryan Seymour (redshirt): Second-team left tackle.
• Caleb Welchans (redshirt): Second-team right tackle.
• Ryan Fowler (redshirt): Starting placekicker.
• Rob Lohr (redshirt): Second-team defensive tackle.
• Johnell Thomas (redshirt): Co-second-team defensive end.
• Eddie Foster: Second-team cornerback.
• Trey Wilson: Second-team cornerback.
• Eric Samuels: Second-team defensive back, moving from corner to nickel to safety.

These freshmen haven't made the depth chart but have played regularly:
• Josh Jelesky: defensive end
• DeAndre Jones: linebacker
• Tristan Strong: linebacker
• Dexter Daniels: linebacker
• Micah Powell: defensive back
• Al Owens: defensive back

These redshirt freshmen have seen limited or no playing time this season:
• Akeem Dunhan: Receiver; preseason second team but only played in two games
• Richard Cagle: offensive line
• Colt Nichter: defensive line
• Taylor Loftley: defensive line
• John Burrow: defensive line

These true freshmen appear headed for a redshirt season:
• Charlie Goro: quarterback
• Wesley Tate: tailback
• Mason Johnston: tight end
• Wesley Johnson: offensive line
• Mylon Brown: offensive line
• Justin Cabbagestalk: offensive line
• Walker May: defensive end
• Thad McHaney: defensive end
• Javon Marshall: defensive back
• Jay Fullam: safety (injured)

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