Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zac Stacy can tote the ironing board; freshman get settled into dorms

For some reason, I always enjoy Brandon Barca's annual photos of freshmen football players moving into the dorms. They look kind of like I did when I was a freshman: Sort of stunned, sort of shy but also sort of bored lugging all those suitcases and boxes. Except I didn't run a 4.4 40 and bench 350 pounds.

Anyway, check out the photos, in which you can get a glimpse of all three true freshman running backs, including:
• Warren Norman, wearing flip-flops and looking like he's bulked up a bit since signing day.
• Zac Stacy, looking fit and slippery in his warm-up gear...and toting an ironing board.
• Wesley Tate, definitely looking bigger and more imposing than both of them.

It'll be an interesting battle in preseason camp. The other day on the radio Bobby Johnson said he had "three guys we really feel great about. They have a knack for making people miss."

And speaking of other true frosh, if you look up the definition of "big boy," you'll see a picture of offensive lineman Mylon Brown.

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