Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Notes from Tuesday's practice: Freshman running backs looking good... and discovering who's boss

How'd practice go last night? Well, not much word from the athletic department, which was too busy posting a new photo gallery of the players doing some strength training with a giant rope.

Jeff Lockridge of the Tennessean was there
, though, and points out some standouts in today's story.

One of them continues to be freshman running back Zac Stacy, who at the end of practice scored on a 38-yard run.

"We probably averaged close to 5 yards a pop during the session," Stacy told Lockridge. "It was definitely a new experience for me. In this league, guys are flying to the football. This is definitely not high school. But I think I got some good reps, and I also had fun."

Another frosh tailback, Wesley Tate had a nice 25-yard carry and then a 3-yard score.

The other freshman back, Warren Norman, was diving into the end zone for an apparent score but Coach Bobby Johnson said he lost control of the ball before he broke the plane. Norman protested. Not gonna work.

Lockridge reports that Johnson said, "There is no review of Coach Johnson's rulings." Coach Johnson was grinning.

After practice, Johnson told reporters that tight end Austin Monahan will play a big part in the Commodore passing attack. And it seemed likely because earlier he caught a beautiful 30-yard TD pass from Larry Smith that went over safety Sean Richardson's head.

"Austin ran a good route," Smith told Lockridge. "I just threw it up like a jump ball and he made a good play on it in the end zone. The defense really hadn't seen us run the ball too much. We've been basically throwing the ball a lot. They got a good look at the running backs, and they look pretty good out there."

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