Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freshman tailbacks run wild in scrimmage

Here's further evidence that the true freshmen tailbacks will play right away: The stars of yesterday's first refereed scrimmage were... drumroll please...

• Zac Stacy, who had the play of the game when he went off left tackle, broke two tackles and raced 70 yards for a touchdown. Sounds like that pulled groin isn't too serious and the staff was just taking precautions. After the practice, Johnson talked about Stacy's strength and power.

• Warren Norman, who had touchdowns of 18 and 8 yards, and who's becoming impossible to describe without using the word shifty.

After the practice, center Bradley Vierling was raving about the freshmen tailbacks. He also said recently that Stacy does a good job of picking up blitzes and blocking, a further sign that he'll play right away.

We must also mention that junior Kennard Reeves continues to be resolved not to go quietly into that good night, ripping off a 14-yard touchdown run and drawing Bobby Johnson's praise for breaking a bunch of tackles.

In all, the offense scored five touchdowns. If that alarms you, consider that Steven Stone and Greg Billinger missed the practice.

The other touchdown: Mackenzi Adams 26 yards to Turner Wimberly. Turner Wimberly? Yes, Turner Wimberly. Talk about a guy flying under the radar. He keeps scoring touchdowns in practice, he's second on the depth chart and still nobody thinks he'll catch a pass when the real playing starts. We'll see.

Lots of young guys got work on the defense:
• Sophomore Sean Richardson took a 48-yard pick to the house.
• True frosh corner Eric Samuels had a nice deflection.
• True frosh corner Eddie Foster had a pick in the end zone.
• Redshirt frosh Tristan Strong was cracking heads at linebacker.
• Redshirt frosh John Burrow had a quarterback sack from the DT position.

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