Monday, August 31, 2009

Check out our picks and perspective on a Gator site

The guys over at Gators First — yes, that's a Florida Gators fan site — asked me to make some predictions and whatnot and got my perspective on being a Commodore.

I'm going to make some more, probably different, SEC picks later in the week. I didn't have much time to turn the stuff around for Gators First, so my 11-year-old son and I went through the schedule. Arkansas came out at 1-7 in the conference, and the night I sent the picks to the Florida guys, I woke up thinking about what a terrible pick that was. I mean, Ryan Mallet was my breakout player of the year, and if he's the breakout player of the year then the Hogs aren't going 1-7.

But going game-by-game through the schedule makes you realize how tough this conference is, and how any team — but especially Vanderbilt — has to be on their game every single Saturday if they want to have a prayer.

Have a good Monday.

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