Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday's numbers for Vanderbilt's backfield

Jeff Lockridge was kind enough to include some tailback stats from Saturday's scrimmage in his story today, so we've extracted them here, and listed them from most carries to least:

• Kennard Reeves (6-0, 204; R-JR): 13 carries, 58 yards, one touchdown

• Wesley Tate (6-1, 218; FR): 11 carries, 36 yards

• Warren Norman (5-10, 188; FR): six carries, 34 yards, two touchdowns

• Zac Stacy (5-10, 194; FR): five carries, 78 yards, one touchdown

If you had to categorize these guys based on Saturday's performances, you could say Reeves and Tate are the workhorse backs and Stacy and Norman are the home run guys. David Boclair of the City Paper points out that senior safety and captain Ryan Hamilton had a clean shot at Norman on his first TD run and got faked off his feet. But on the eight carries when they didn't score touchdowns, Stacy and Norman averaged less than two yards a carrry.

Here are the passing numbers for the quarterbacks, all of whom operated out of the no-huddle:

• Larry Smith (6-2, 220; R-SO): 6-9 for 65 yards, 1 TD, INT, 1 lost fumble

• Mackenzie Adams (6-3, 220; R-SR): 3-5 for 42 yards, 1 TD

• Jared Funk (6-2, 202; R-JR): 3-8 for 29 yards, 1 INT, 1 lost fumble

• Charlie Goro (6-2, 192; FR): 0-3

Jared Funk did scoop up a blocked kick and return it for a touchdown, prompting Bobby Johnson after the scrimmage to praise Funk for his athletic ability and say he thought Funk would see time on special teams.

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