Monday, August 31, 2009

Vanderbilt releases opening day depth chart, and here's who's moved up and who's dropped down

OK, we all know by now that Larry Smith has won the starting quarterback battle against Mackenzi Adams. Here are the other winners and losers in the depth chart battles:

MAKING THEIR DEBUT: These players weren't on the preseason depth chart:
• Justin Green, R-JR, second-team wide receiver
• Zac Stacy, FR, co-second-team running back
• Warren Norman, FR, co-second-team tailback
• Caleb Welchans, R-FR, second-team right tackle
• Tristan Strong, R-FR, second-team weakside linebacker
• Eddie Foster, FR, second-team cornerback
• Trey Wilson, FR, second-team cornerback
• Eric Samuels, FR, second-team nickelback
• Ryan van Rensburg, R-SO, kick returner

ON THE MOVE: These players beat out players ahead of them or even with them on the depth chart:
• Akeem Dunham, R-FR, beating out R-JR Turner Wimberly at second-team receiver
• Justin Green, R-JR, beating out R-SR Chris Reinert at second-team receiver
• Larry Smith, R-SO, beating out R-SR Mackenzi Adams at starting quarterback
• Zac Stacy and Warren Norman, freshmen, beating out Kennard Reeves and Gaston Miller, both redshirt juniors, at second-team tailback
• Kyle Fischer, R-SO, beating out Ryan Custer, R-SR, at starting left guard
• James Williams, R-SO, beating out Reilly Lauer, R-JR, at starting right tackle
• Rob Lohr, R-FR, beating out Colt Nichter, R-FR, at second-team defensive tackle
• Brent Trice, R-SR, beating out John Stokes, R-JR, at strongside linebacker
• Eddie Foster and Trey Wilson, both true freshmen, supplanting Rich Tompkins, R-SO, at second-team cornerback
• Micah Powell, R-FR, beating out Al Owens, R-FR, for second-team strong safety
• Ryan Fowler, R-FR, beating out Brett Upson, SR, for starting placekicker
• Chris Reinert, R-SR, beating out Mackenzi Adams, R-SR, for holding duties
• David Giller, JR, beating out John Stokes, JR, at long-snapper
• Ryan van Rensburg, R-SO, beating out Jamie Graham, R-SO, and Alex Washington, R-SR, at kick returner

STILL BATTLING: These players are still locked in a battle for key positions:
• Brandon Barden and Austin Monahan, both redshirt sophomores, for starting tight end
• Zac Stacy and Warren Norman, both freshmen, for second-team tailback
• Joey Bailey and Chris Norman, both redshirt juniors, for second-team center
• Ryan Fowler, R-FR, and Brett Upson, SR, for kick-off duties

FIRST-TIMERS: These players on the depth chart have never played in a college football game:
• Akeem Dunham, R-FR, receiver
• Zac Stacy, FR, tailback
• Warren Norman, FR, tailback
• Ryan Seymour, R-FR, left tackle
• Caleb Welchans, R-FR, right tackle
• Rob Lohr, R-FR, defensive tackle
• Tristan Strong, R-FR, weakside linebacker
• Eddie Foster, FR, cornerback
• Trey Wilson, FR, cornerback
• Eric Samuels, FR, nickelback
• Micah Powell R-FR, strong safety

AS EXPECTED: These players kept their positions after being named preseason starters:
• Alex Washington, R-SR, receiver
• Udom Umoh, R-SO, receiver
• John Cole, R-FR, receiver
• Jared Hawkins, R-SR, tailback
• Thomas Welch, R-SR, left tackle
• Bradley Vierling, R-SR, center
• Eric Hensley, R-SR, right guard
• Greg Billinger, SR, defensive tackle
• Adam Smotherman, R-JR, defensive tackle
• Broderick Stewart, R-SR, defensive end
• Chris Marve, R-SO, middle linebacker
• Patrick Benoist, SR, weakside linebacker
• Myron Lewis, SR, cornerback
• Casey Hayward, SO, cornerback
• Jamie Graham, R-SO, nickelback
• Sean Richardson, SO, strong safety
• Brett Upson, SR, punter
• Alex Washington, R-SR, punt returner


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Daniel said...

Where's Brady Brown?


Great question. Brady's not on the opening day depth chart. In his press conference yesterday, Bobby Johnson said that wide receiver is still a question mark and that both of the freshmen receivers, Brady Brown or Collin Ashley may get a shot to play, especially because they played in pass-happy offenses in high school and caught a ton of passes.