Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bobby Johnson not answering questions about Vanderbilt's starting quarterback

Kudos to the Vanderbilt beat writers for relentlessly asking Bobby Johnson about the quarterback situation. I mean, after all, that's what we want to know about, right, and those guys are writing for us, right?

So they keep asking and Bobby keeps giving tongue-in-cheek answers, because he's a pleasant guy who unlike Nick Saban and others doesn't believe the media are his personal public relations crew. He's still not changing his mind, though, and he's not dropping any hints.

Last night, a reporter commented that Larry Smith's throwing was extremely accurate. To which Johnson said this:

"I’m pleased with him. I’m pleased with Mackenzi Adams. I'm pleased with Jared Funk. I'm pleased with Charlie Goro. I'm pleased with Matt Casas."

Matt Casas? Yes, that would be the brand-new walk-on from Santa Ana, Calif.

Undaunted, another reporter asked if Johnson had noticed any "separation at quarterback?"

"Nah," Johnson said. "And we're not looking for it right now. We've still got plenty of time."

Yeah, the season opener's three whole weeks away.

To see the video interview, go to the official VU Web site and click on the Wednesday night interview.

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