Friday, August 14, 2009

Kennard Reeves shows you can teach an old dog new tricks

Just read the notes from Thursday night's practice, and no mention of Zac Stacy, who left Wednesday's practice for some unknown reason.

But plenty of mention of Warren Norman, the lesser known of the three true freshmen running backs — or "Frosh Hosses," as an anonymous commenter has dubbed them. Norman reeled off runs of 21 and 16 yards, and then took one to the house from 25 yards out.

One of the other Hosses, Wesley Tate, had a 17-yard touchdown.

And Kennard Reeves, the redshirt junior who must be feeling like an old broken down mule with all the attention the freshman have been getting, ripped off a 41-yard touchdown run. That's farther than any running back toted the ball last year.

Linebacker/safety Brent Trice, the rare Commodore who's made it into his senior year without a redshirt, lowered the boom on Udom Umoh and knocked the ball lose, and then true freshman cornerback Eric Samuels did the exact same thing to Tray Herndon.

Then another true freshman cornerback, Eddie Foster, broke up a pass.

So far, the only true freshmen to create much buzz besides the three running backs have been defensive backs Samuels, Foster, Javon Marshall and Jay Fullam. No mention of Trey Wilson since he dropped the bed on his toe.

Also, no mention of Brady Brown, the player voted on this site by fans as the freshman most likely to play this season.


Comrade Dore said...

Great job. The Tennessean reports that Zac Stacy has a pulled groin.


Thanks much, Comrade Dore. I give you some kudos in my post above.