Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Zac Stacy injured? What should we call the three freshman runners? What does long-snapping feel like?

Yet another sign that the season can't start soon enough: The hard-working folks in the VU athletic department have actually posted something called "Five things you should know about long snapping." It starts: "Did you ever want to know what it feels like to be a long snapper?" Well, gosh, I can't say that I have!

On a more serious note, David Boclair of the City Paper reports that freshman running back Zac Stacy left practice yesterday morning and didn't return. Hopefully, it wasn't a hamstring. Speaking of hamstrings, John Cole and Akeem Dunham have returned to practicing.

Meanwhile, Jeff Lockridge over at the Tennessean reports that the guys getting work returning kickoffs are junior Gaston Miller, sophomore Jamie Graham, and the three freshmen running backs, Stacy, Warren Norman and Wesley Tate. As far as punt returns go, the candidates appear to be senior Alex Washington, redshirt frosh John Cole and true frosh Collin Ashley.

Hey, what do you think we should call the three true freshmen running backs? I'm getting tired of calling them the three true freshmen running backs. Gimme something good and I'll start using it.


Anonymous said...

frosh hosses 1-3 (aka fresh horses)


that's good. i like it. anybody got another one?

Anonymous said...

We could be like the pros and call them weather themed nicknames. How about "Thunder, lightning, and tornado-canes?" "Sleet, Hail, and Freezing Rain?" "The Hurricane, Tropical Storm, and Elevated Barometric Pressure?"


Now that's a good idea. Who would be Elevated Barometric Pressure?