Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bobby Johnson confirms that Terence Jeffers-Harris will not play for Vanderbilt

We'd all psychologically prepared ourselves, I guess, but now it's official: Terence Jeffers-Harris is no longer a Commodore, if he ever was one. The UConn transfer wowed coaches, teammates and fans in the spring, and during SEC Media Days, Myron Lewis talked about how great the offense would be this season and mentioned J-H as the biggest reason.

We learned three things here:

(1) Vanderbilt's at least luring top talent to the team and trying to keep them in school.
(2) Vanderbilt still has far higher academic standards than the rest of the SEC.
(3) Vanderbilt still has a woeful shortage of big-play guys on offense. We're expanding our collection of scrappy wide receivers (true frosh Collin Ashley and former QB Turner Wimberly caught TDs on Monday night, and walk-on Chris Reinert laid out for a grab) but Jeffers-Harris is clearly a cut above — he's the kind of receiver you'll find at Georgia and Alabama and Florida.

It's a big loss. It's over. It was one big tease, wasn't it? Now it's back to reality. We're gonna win with the kids we've got, and I'm looking forward to watching us try.


Bob Loblaw said...

This begs the question: if the center hands off to the quarterback, but he doesn't have anyone to throw it to, does he make a sound?

I think "Oh sh*t" is probably the answer. Hopefully Washington and Umoh step it up big time or it'll be a repeat of 2008 with a different QB.


Yeah, it's a bad sign when you're moving your walk-ons from defensive back to wide receiver.