Monday, November 16, 2009

Analysis of Vandy-Kentucky highlights

Ah yes, it's time once again to break down our weekly highlights, which this year have contained a curious number of touchdowns scored by our opponents.

Here's this week's breakdown:

1. Assorted Commodore interceptions, Lewis and Foster (37 seconds)
2. Assorted Mackenzi Adams passes to John Cole, including the TD (36 seconds)
3. Assorted Ryan Fowler field goals (27 seconds)
4. Assorted Randall Cobb touchdowns (24 seconds)
5. Team rushing out onto field at the start of the game (20 seconds)

Hey, where's the footage of the black-and-gold-clad crowd going crazy when the Commodores took the lead?


Greg M said...

Can we fire Ted Cain yet? Actually, really don't care any more if Bobby doesn't care enough to do what's right.


Something's got to be done about the offense. Not sure what it'll be.