Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Vandy commits contemplating switching dance partners

How big would it be if Vandy upset Tennessee in Knoxville this weekend?

Considering the Dores are an 18-point dog, it would be a shocking, satisfying upset.

And it might help keep some of our verbal commitments from breaking up with us. As Vandy's season has fallen apart, the high school seniors who've committed to the Commodores are acting like, well, high school seniors. They're starting to notice prettier looking prospects, and a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

This week, tight end Davis Dudchock did what he had to do and snubbed us for everybody's current sweetheart, Stanford.

Meanwhile, Bradley Roby, a receiver who could start immediately for us, is being wooed heavily by Auburn and now considers Vandy and the Tigers dead even.

Jerrell Priester, a fast little guy who's being compared to fellow South Carolinian D.J. Moore, now considers his commitment to Vandy to be "soft." He's got offers from Notre Dame and Kentucky, and you've got to believe Spurrier's not going to make the same mistake twice with a recruit in his backyard. (Why did we beat SC twice in a row? D.J. Moore.)

Speaking of soft commitments, defensive lineman Jared Morse has offers from Auburn, Arkansas, Florida State and Kentucky.

Oh yeah, and Georgia native Kenneth Ladler's also being wooed by South Carolina.

Here's another problem: You know who landed a ton of our top recruits, including Roby? Ted Cain, the guy every Vandy fan is bashing right now. You don't think the coaches at Auburn are telling Roby that Cain's going to be gone next season?

Even if all those guys jumped ship, this would still be Johnson's best class ever. But it would be mighty tough to watch all these guys play against us on Saturday, especially if we're losing like we usually do.


Unknown said...

The thing with Roby is that he wants to play WR and I'm fairly sure that Auburn wants him at CB and Vandy offers immediate playing time. i'm hoping those factors outweigh Auburn


I've heard that too. It's funny that Rivals questions his hands and ability to catch away from his body and ESPN raves about his hands and his ability to catch away from his body.