Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vandy-Kentucky recap: Second half typical for Commodores

What a horrible performance by our offense in the second half: 31 total yards, with a single completion by Mackenzi Adams, and it was a short sideline pass on third and long. Four out of our five drives were three-and-outs, and the one that wasn't was a five-and-out.

Sorry, Mac, but I was having flashbacks to last year's Duke game. And I couldn't help but wonder if Jared Funk could have done any better.

Overall, we got dominated at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

In the days to come, we'll take a look at our offense:

• What kind of players does our team need?
• Or what kind of offense do we need to run to maximize the talent we do have?
• Have we been sending all our athletes to the defensive side of the ball?

Have a good Saturday afternoon. And look on the bright side: You can do anything you want to on New Year's Eve this year.


even more anonymous said...

But the Commies did break the 10 point ceiling, just as you predicted.

Maybe when we play Tennesee, we can score a point or two in the second half.

Brooks said...

Our freshman RBs at times look like they could play anywhere, but it was hard to watch our offense in the second half. Hopefully Larry will continue to develop. We still need desperately a Jeffers-type player. Line play is a given on both sides, but our D line showed some heart against FL and some other teams.


Two guys to keep an eye on: Bradley Roby and Jonathan Krause. They're tough, fast wide receivers who've committed to play for us next year and will likely be an improvement over what we've got now.

Unknown said...

I personally think that 4 to 5 true freshman will get a look at WR next year. Like you said Krause, Roby but so will Boyd, Pruitt and if Dudchock can put on some muscle over the summer I think he could create matchup problems, Rival's lists him as the 5th fastest TE. Don't count out Priester getting a look on the offensive side of the ball as well. But this is all conjecture so who knows?


Aaron, you're right. Lots of guys will get a shot. Boyd is a tall possession receiver who like Brady Brown may take time to develop. Pruitt's a little guy like John Cole and Collin Ashley. Dudchock is promising and could play right away, and fellow TE Mason Johnson,who's redshirting right now, is a pretty good prospect. Of all of them, Roby and Krause seem the most likely to get separation and be immediate playmakers.