Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Senior day not kind to Commodores

Saturday's last home game, against Kentucky, is senior day at Vanderbilt.

I hate senior day. You know, when seniors walk out onto the field BEFORE the game and hug their mamas and receive a round of warm applause from the fans.

And then they play the game and lose. At least that's how it is at Vanderbilt.

Know how many times Bobby Johnson has won on senior day in Nashville?

Once — Kentucky in 2003.

Know how many times Woody won on senior day? Zero.

OK, maybe we would have lost all those games anyway. But I don't like it.

Why not celebrate outgoing seniors AFTER they play, like the basketball team does. Every year at this time I like to remember that Shane Foster had one of the greatest games in Vanderbilt history, against Miss State on senior night. He rained down three-pointers to bring the Dores back against a stout Bulldog defense and then to put the game into overtime and then to win it. And THEN he hugged his mama and then the crowd went crazy.


1050 lb. said...

I was lucky enough to arrive just as the second half started at Foster's senior night vs. Miss. State. The place was as electric as I've ever seen it. Everything Foster threw towards the rim went in.

This only reminds me how much in November that, as an annual ritual, Vanderbilt football fans are by now really, really looking forward to basketball season...


Wow, I'm jealous. I'd have loved to have seen that game in person. In fact, I'd have loved to have seen it on television, but it wasn't even televised.