Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vanderbilt-Florida update: Commodores down 13-0 at halftime

OK, so this time last year we were 5-3 instead of 2-7. We were also down 35-0 to Florida at halftime in Nashville because we couldn't tackle Tebow.

Right now it's halftime in the Swamp. And we're down 13-0. And the touchdown came after a Mackenzi Adams interception. And we've actually sacked Tebow and put him on the run.

The Dores are playing great, as evidenced by:

• Holding Gators to 163 yards and one touchdown at halftime.
• Picking up seven first downs, which has helped keep the defense off the field.
• Warren Norman with 94 total yards on 10 touches. Urban Meyer told the ESPN2 crew that he'd vote for Norman for SEC freshman of the year if he had to vote now.
• Norman and Stacy averaging about 4 ypc against the legendary Gator D.
• Brett Upson, who seems to have acquired a bit of a belly, lost the handle on a high snap deep in VU territory at the end of the first half, grabbed the ball, juked the Gators' Chris Rainey, booted a rugby kick, got knocked down legally because he was out of the pocket while the ball rolled down the field and was downed by the Dores while time expired.

Go ahead and say we don't have moral victories. But I'm proud of the Commodores right now. As I told the Gator First blogger earlier this week, I really didn't think there was any way we'd score a touchdown in the first half. And we didn't. But our defense has played well and our offense is at least moving the ball from time to time.

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