Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vanderbilt-Florida update: Commodores kick field goal to make it 13-3

Vanderbilt continues to play well:

• Steven Stone appears to have fully returned from injury and sacked Tebow on the opening drive of the second half. Which has to make Vandy fans wonder how much we've missed him. You know, when people talks about the Commodores' miserable season, nobody mentions the injuries to Stone and Ryan Hamilton.

• Ryan Fowler just booted a 32-yard field goal to cut the deficit to 10 points. TV cameras showed Jared Hawkins celebrating on the sidelines in street clothes. And we do mean street clothes. These days he's dressing like he thinks he's a rapper.

• Warren Norman now has 130 yards on 13 touches, including 59 yards rushing on nine carries, including a sweet 30 yard run that put the Dores in the red zone.

• T.J. Greenstone just sacked Tebow. Six minutes left in the third quarter and the score still 13-3.

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