Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vandy-Kentucky halftime report: Scoreboard straining to handle the activity

Up till now, the home team portion of the scoreboard at Dudley Field hasn't seen this kind of action in an SEC game this year: 13 points.

Holy smoke!

Yes, in three SEC home games this year, Vandy has scored a total of 6 points (3 against MSU and UGA and zero against Miss).

Our one touchdown came off a beautiful juggling grab by John Cole, a Bluegrass son who you've probably heard was snubbed by the Wildcats. It was set up by Myron Lewis' pick of a Newton pass tipped by T.J. Greenstone.

Here are the highs and lows from the 13-10 halftime score:

• Nice picks by Lewis and Eddie Foster.
• We're getting Warren Norman and Zac Stacy involved in the passing game.
• Outside of a Locke pass for 41 yards, the Cats' three other passers are 3-11 for 13 yards.
• We've outgained the Cats, 178-174.
• Ryan Fowler has booted field goals of 42 and 47 yards.

• We're losing defenders left and right. Casey Hayward and Patrick Benoist are in the locker room with concussions.
• Horrible opening drive with two of our three penalties and a sack that pinned us deep in our own territory.

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