Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vandy-Kentucky preview: Our wish list for today's game

Sure, it would be nice to get a win. I've kind of forgotten what it feels like. And if you don't think beating Kentucky would be a quality win, consider that our two wins have come against the worst team in college football (Rice) and a bad lower-division team (Western Carolina).

I won't take any pleasure from bouncing anybody out of a bowl. Hopefully, we'll beat Kentucky and Tennessee and both of those teams can still go to bowls. I'm not concerned about other teams or hoping that other teams screw up so we can look better. We look bad and all we can do is worry about ourselves and try to get better.

That said, here's my wish list for today's game:

• The seniors celebrate their wonderful careers AFTER the game's over, not before it begins.

• The front seven has a big game and stops the run and assorted Cobb craziness the Cats will throw at us.

• Steven Stone has a big game. We're so deep at end that nobody really worried about his departure, but against Florida he showed how important he is to the success of our team and why his injury hurt us so much.

• Warren Norman takes a kickoff to the house.

• A receiver or two emerges as a legitimate threat, without making Mackenzi Adams look too great, which would have everybody spending all winter and spring and summer second-guessing Johnson's decision to start Smith. (It was the right call, people!)

• Oh yeah, we win.

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