Monday, November 9, 2009

November not kind to Commodores

In his eight seasons, Bobby Johnson has won three games in November. It's by far the worst month to be a football Commodore (not so bad for basketball and women's bowling). Here's the current breakdown during the Johnson years:

• August: 1-2 (33%)
• September: 16-15 (52%)
• October: 8-25 (24%)
• November: 3-22 (12%)

Why is November so unkind To Vanderbilt? For one thing, the Commies lack the depth of other SEC teams and can't survive the injuries that mount in September and October. Also, the Commodores always end with a brutal stretch of games. Here are the teams Johnson has faced in the eleventh month:

• Alabama: 0-1
• Florida: 0-8
• Kentucky: 2-5
• Tennessee: 1-6
• Wake Forest: 0-2

Johnson's predecessor, Woody Widenhofer, was 1-15 in five Novembers. His only win? Kentucky.

Thank God for the Wildcats.

Tomorrow, we'll examine another thorn in Johnson's side: senior day.

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