Tuesday, October 21, 2008


OK, everybody is officially preoccupied with the number six.

As in six wins.

As in Vanderbilt getting its sixth win on Saturday against Duke.

When asked about it during his Monday press conference, Coach Bobby Johnson started to downplay it — "We're just preparing to win our next game we play in" — but then said this:

"Our guys can count and they know how many wins we have right now and how many we need to be bowl eligible. We've all taken math here at Vanderbilt.

"We're not trying to hide it and we're not ignoring it by saying this and that. That is part of our story this year and you can't ignore that big thing that is sitting right over there staring at us."

Ah, the big thing sitting right over there staring at us.

And as Vanderbilt folks know full well, the longer we let it sit over there the bigger it's gonna get.

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