Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Thank goodness Bobby Johnson's not showing the same hysterical panic that fans are. Everybody seems to want to replace the starting quarterback and fire the offensive coordinator, and they seem incredulous that Johnson isn't tearing his hair out like they are.

Bobby Johnson knows more about the team and how to win than, say, Cresmarine on the Tennessean's comment boards. Sure, the offense is perplexing. What the heck has been going on with Chris Nickson the past two seasons? How does the offensive line hold its own against Georgia and then fall apart against Duke? How many freaking passes is George Smith gonna drop?

I bet you Johnson is perplexed too. But he's not going to be thinking out loud in a press conference or a call-in show. Look at what happened after the Miss State game. He had named Nickson the starter and stuck with him for what all Vanderbilt fans thought was way too long. And then after the game he said the poor offensive performance wasn't all Nickson's fault.

People freaked out. Oh no, he's never going to start Mackenzi Adams!

But then he did. And then against Duke, the offense was even worse than it was against Miss State, and now fans are really panicking. One blogger is saying we should start Larry Smith at quarterback because his completion rating at an Alabama high school was better than Mackenzi Adams' completion rating at his high school in Oklahoma. Huh?

But what's Johnson telling the press? That Vanderbilt's poor offensive showing wasn't all Adams' fault. Just like he did with Nickson after the Starkville game.

So Johnson's not one to ramble about the shortcomings of his players. Don't we all we want to work for somebody like that? But he does want to win, and I promise you he's wracking his brain to figure out a way to get the offense out of this slump. I'd love to see Larry Smith trot onto the field too, but this kid has never played in a college football game and I've got to believe that Johnson will know when he's ready — or when he's our only hope.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't Nickson's fault, whose was it. Do we have inferior atheletes and are we doomed to be last in the SEC in offense? Or is it that we have a bad Offensive Coordinator? I don't know, but would like to see some debate on the Ted Cain issue.


Yeah, you raise a good question. I'd like to see some debate on the Ted Cain issue, too.