Saturday, October 25, 2008


• Duke returns the kickoff to the D40. That could be big.
• Billinger & Smotherman drill the ballcarrier. 2nd & 8.
• Receivers covered. Lewis throws the ball away and gets an ineligible receiver call.
• Still second down. We should have declined. The back gets a couple. Marve's played a great game.
• Third and long. We've gotta have a stop here. Incomplete. We're really putting the heat on the Duke QB. 11:54.

• DJ lets a 56-yard punt bounce and now we've gotta go 96 yards. Actually, the refs are saying 87 yards. 1st & 10 on the 13.

• I've been doing some cooking outside. Barden just grabbed an Adams pass. It's 1st & 10 on the VU 44.
• Adams throws behind Graham.
• Hawkins goes five yards up to midfield. Third and five. Let's get it!
• First down to Barden at the D43! Great catch by Barden!
• First & 10, Adams dumps it to Hawkins but there's a flag. But it's not a hold! It's a roughing the passer!
• First & 10 on the Duke 26.
• Adams fires incomplete to Barden. Second & 10. 7:32.
• Adams rolling left, throws it away.
• Do you want to see Hahnfeldt try to tie it? Me neither. Incomplete pass. We look sloppy.
• Here comes Hahnfeldt. I don't feel good about this. Kick's up, it's no good. I'm not going to say Same Old Vanderbilt. Or Same Old Hahnfeldt. Not gonna say it.
• But I will say this: Late in the fourth quarter and we have seven points? Are you kidding me?

• Outside checking the chicken. Hear we're leaving receivers open. Nice. And more missed tackles.
• Six minutes left. The tailback gets stuffed by who else? Chris Marve. 3rd & a long one.
• Asack the big backup comes in. We stuff him a yard short. Marve. 4th & one.
• Duke's punting. Let's put DJ Moore in at quarterback.

• Graham calls a fair catch at the 15 yard line. 4:25 to go.
• This is it. This is the season.
• 1st & 10 on the VU 15. Moore's in the game.
• Mackenzi keeps the ball and loses four. No comment.
• Adams sacked at the 10. Everybody's booing.
• Adams from the shotgun, Hawkins gets to the 19. We're going for it on 4th & 6. And we have three timeouts.
• Adams from the shotgun, incomplete to Smith. Ballgame. And why is George Smith in the game?

This is bitterly disappointing. We're 5-3 and will be 5-4 after the Florida game. Our defense is stout. Our special teams are good. Our offense is unbelievably horrid. Let's go with Larry Smith against Florida. OK, maybe against Kentucky.

• We're stopping them and calling timeouts. 3rd & 12. Duke has three receivers to the left. Lewis rolling right. And Myron Lewis interferes in the end zone. No, it's an offensive interference! Do we take the penalty? We are. We're moving them out of field goal range. 3rd & 27 on the 36 with 2:16 left.
• Duke calls a timeout.
• Here we go. Incomplete. Clock stops. We've got a timeout left. The Duke QB should have run around and then slid.
• Delay of game on Duke. Gives em more room to punt. Johnson will accept the penalty.

• Looks like the block unit is coming out on the field. Don't forget Knoxville last year.
• Moore up to the 16 and looks like a block in the back. What's the percentage of our returns that end in blocks in the back?
• Yes, block in the back on Brent Trice.
• 1st & 10 on the with 1:58 to go on the 8.
• Walker up to the VU 34. First down.
• Adams to Walker. He can't get out of bounds. 1:38 to go.
• Incomplete. Clock stops.
• Third and a yard. Complete to Barden. First down. He's got five big catches.
• 1:10 to play. Incomplete. 1:01. We're trailing 10-7 and haven't led at all today.
• Adams from the gun. Incomplete to George Smith. Big surprise. Stop throwing to George Smith.
• Third down. Adams gallops for a first down and out of bounds around the D40. 00:49. We've got a timeout.
• Adams incomplete to George Smith. No comment. 46 seconds to go.
• Adams throws an interception to the 1 yard line. Game over. Season over. We didn't deserve to win and we got beat by a bad team. Pathetic. Johnson got taken to school. Guess he's not going to Clemson. Guess we're not going to Birmingham, Memphis, Shreveport, wherever.
• Now the game's really over.
• Good night.
• And hello, Larry Smith. Because it's not too early to start thinking about next year.

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