Thursday, October 23, 2008


Not many teams in college football have a losing record on homecoming. But of course Vanderbilt does. The Commodores are 25-34-3 in homecoming games.

The fault here lies not with the players or coaches, but with the rocket scientists who plan the schedule. In the last 17 homecomings, we've played Georgia seven times, South Carolina six times and Florida once. That's 14 out of 17 homecomings against a Top 25 caliber program and SEC East rival.

Aren't you supposed to try to win your homecoming?

I went to the homecoming game in 1999, in which the Commodores parted with tradition and played The Citadel. Now that was a homecoming game. We won 58-0.

Other good homecoming opponents: Connecticut in 2002 (we won 28-24) and Navy in 2003 (we lost 37-27, but we had a decent chance to win).

On Saturday, we'll play Duke for homecoming. Makes sense. Not as good as the Citadel or any other I-AA team besides Appalachian State, but still a good idea. Same kind of school. Same type of athletes.

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