Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So we know Vanderbilt has a 5-2 record. Now let's take a closer look at those wins and losses:

• Record in daytime games: 0-2. All five of our victories were under the lights. The Duke game is at 2:00 CT.

• Record in home games: 3-0. We're 2-2 on the road. The Duke game is at home.

• Record in non-conference games: 2-0. We're 3-2 in the SEC. Duke is a non-conference game, but you already knew that.

• Record against unranked opponents: 3-1. We're 2-1 against ranked opponents. Duke, of course, is unranked. So was Mississippi State.

• Record against unranked opponents at home: 1-0. We're 2-0 against ranked opponents at home.

OK, we've milked our record for all it's worth.

How big is our home field advantage?

Does it really make a difference whether we play at night or during the day?

We'll see. But I believe the team will be glad to be back on Dudley Field.

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