Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, Vanderbilt plays Kentucky today — but our focus is still on football

Yes, the Commodores face the Wildcats today in Rupp Arena. Game's at 1 p.m. Central Time and it's televised by Raycom (oh, joy.)

Anyway, we may have a few post-game comments or something, but this is primarily a football blog. Actually, we started it in August as a blog about learning to live with defeat, and accepting the fact that you're a loser, and developing character while your friends who attended SEC powerhouses like Auburn laugh at you, and deriving little psychological victories from massive, full-blown collapses.

But then Vanderbilt actually beat Auburn and some other ranked teams and then actually became bowl eligible and then actually won a bowl game to actually record a winning record. So I guess the big question is whether we should change our name from Moral Victory! to something more sincere, something more proud.

What do you think?


Greg M said...

I like Moral Victory. At least for one more year.


That's what I'm thinking, too. If by this time next year we've had another winning season and developed the ability to actually score points on offense, then we'll consider a name change.

Chuck said...

Wait 'til next year takes on a whole new meaning when talking about Vandy football. Leave the name.


Yeah, to most fans "Wait till next year" means "We'll do better next year."

To Vanderbilt fans "Wait till next year" might mean "We'll screw it up next year."

Hopefully not. But let's wait till next year and see.