Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vanderbilt lands another coveted recruit — not bad for the least prestigious program in college football history

Vanderbilt got a verbal commitment yesterday from Trey Wilson, a Louisiana cornerback who turned down offers from Stanford, Northwestern and TCU. Wilson's high school teammate, athlete Quinn Giles, no longer lists Vanderbilt among the schools he's considering, but Giles wasn't as well regarded as Wilson and appears to be lowering his sights to La Tech and La-Monroe and La-Lafayette and other LaLaLa schools.

Which is funny because ESPN just ranked Vanderbilt No. 119 in its list of prestigious college football programs since the 1930s. That would be dead last, behind all those LaLaLa schools. I wouldn't expect to be more prestigious than anybody else in the SEC or even a major conference. But Buffalo?

I won't question the ratings any more though because ESPN had two research scientists committed to the project. But I'll have more about this later.

Some of the best available players still considering Vanderbilt are:

• DE Michael Buchanan of Illinois: Also Illinois, Michigan State, Notre Dame
• QB Barrett Bailey of Louisiana: Also considering Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss and TCU.
• RB Wesley Tate of Tennessee: Also considering Purdue, Stanford and MTSU
• WR Javarious Riley of Florida: Also Central Fla, South Fla, Auburn and Va Tech
• OL Khalil Wilkes of New Jersey: Also Rutgers, Wake Forest, Stanford, BC
• DL Tyrone Dixon of Florida: Also Ga Tech, Louisville, Arkansas, Purdue
• DL Amos Draper of Alabama: Also Miss State
• LB Jordan Barrett of California: Also Washington, UNLV, Oregon, Arizona State
• S Alex Crutcher of Tennessee: Also Texas Tech, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Louisville
• CB D'Andre Wood of Mississippi: Also North Carolina, Louisville, S Fla, Oregon

There are a bunch of other guys on the board too. These are just some that stand out according to ESPN and, but you never know about that, do you?


Bob Loblaw said...

[...Vandy's cleaning up in recruiting...]

Anonymous said...

Why is Wilson still taking visits?


Good question. He committed during his visit this past weekend. Where's he visiting now?